About Us

WoofsPack, a monthly subscription box service for dogs, is all about taking the best care of your pals – your pets – more like a part of your family than anything else, making sure they get only the best of everything they need. We vow to help you do so by providing a monthly subscription box comprised of top quality dog goodies including dog toys, dog treats, vitamins as well as other types of essential dog supplementation.

How It All Began?

I am Sasha Kolarov, an animal lover in general and a diehard dog lover in particular. It all began when Ruby, my Golden Retriever became a part of my life, making it more beautiful and meaningful than ever. Since the day she stepped into my home, it became one of my top priorities to take best care of her, giving her the best home, food, love and treats that excited her.

From day one, it became like an obligation for me to provide her only with the best stuff, and it was back then when I realized that anybody like me loving their dogs unconditionally would want nothing but the best for their pals. After a couple of years of catering to Ruby’s needs and wants, I felt obliged to turn my passion into my profession, setting the foundation of “WoofsPack”, vowed to help dog lovers provide only the best stuff for their buddies with utmost ease, convenience and confidence.

Why Us?

The best, high quality, natural products aren’t always available at the local grocery store and finding the time to purchase them from a specialty shop can be a hassle. Having dog subscription boxes delivered to subscribers’ homes every month will save them time and money.

We will partner with independent boutique pet supply businesses to find fun and unique products that are environmentally friendly, recyclable, natural and loved by dogs. We will only work with suppliers who care deeply about the health and happiness of dogs. We are based in Hong Kong, but can ship to dog lovers in any part of the world. So, don’t hesitate in contacting us to bestow your dogs with all the love, care, treats and fun they deserve as part of your family.